Secure Your Email – 5 Ways to Avoid Being “Hacked” Like Twitter

The cost of having three or five hosting plan can easily cost you $500 dollars each year. If you’re running a just one website from each hosting account, this would be a waste of space and also money. Do consider to consolidate the accounts into a single web hosting account.

There is few web hosting providers that offer the possibility of hosting multiple domains. Meaning that you can have multiple distinct websites under a one hosting account. You can include,, and other websites. Each websites can have their personal email address, ftp account, webmail service, etc.

To get this multi domain hosting option, you’ll need to look for web hosting service providers that provide add-on domain feature. If they have 10 addon domains this could mean that you have up to 11 websites on your hosting account. 10 addon domains , plus the primary domainĀ email1and1 is included when you sign up to the hosting account.

There is little few hosting companies that provide the possibility of unlimited hosting for domains. Meaning that you can host multiple domains or websites on the same account. And you can add more additional domains at your discretion. Some hosting accounts will come with unlimited domain hosting value set to 999. this will mean you can add 999 websites to the account.

If you’re hosting multiple websites within a single hosting account, then the only requirement you must ensure is that you not heavily linking all of them together. Search engines such as Google not prefer links coming from same IP address, and on top of that, this link can harm your site as well. You can be able to have 900 websites linked to your account, and you must be sure that they do not link together like a spider web or link farms.