Avoid Rapid Blood Glucose Rise – Forbidden Food List For Bernstein’s Diabetes Diet

For an effective maintenance of glucose in the blood and eventual weight loss, you must categorize the food you eat into two: those that have the ability to increase blood glucose, and those that do not. The foods belonging to the first category are called forbidden foods. In this group belong the sub-groups of sweets and sweeteners, grains and grain products, sweet or starchy vegetables, fruits and fruit juices, and dairy products.

Forbidden fruits under the sweets and sweeteners sub-groups include sugar, honey, corn, syrup, fructose, candy, and beverages such as sodas and sugar alcohols like maltitol and sorbitol. Even food products and beverages that claim to be sugar-free are not allowed. For desserts, avoid foods such as pies, cakes, cookies, cakes, pastries, and powdered artificial sweeteners.

If you are a bread lover, then think twice the next time you stop by the bakeshop for your favorite breads and pastries. This is because these food products, along with crackers, cereals, pastas, pancakes, and waffles, have a lot of grains in them and they use white flour as their main ingredient.

Carbohydrates like potatoes ideal snacks corns, carrots, beets, yellow bell peppers, legumes, parsnips, onions, raw tomatoes, cooked tomatoes (including paste and sauce), and pre-packaged vegetables that have sugars or flour also belong to the prohibited group of sweet and starchy.

Juice and fruit juice fanciers would have to fret when they find out that for some diabetics, tomato juice in a Bloody Mary is the only allowed fruit juice. Everything else is bad for the blood glucose. Of course, if such beverage causes a rise in the blood glucose, it is then prohibited.

Milk, cottage cheese, sweetened yogurt, evaporated and condensed milk, as well as powdered milk substitutes must be avoided because they are under the sub-group of dairy products. Finally, avoid nuts, processed and canned foods, snacks, and condiments such as balsamic vinegar.