Anti-vaping Crusader Sued for Sexual Harassment

Stanton Glantz has been sued for lewd behavior by a previous postdoctoral scientist at the University of California, San Francisco, Buzzfeed reports.

In a year that has seen high profile stars, for example, Kevin Spacey and Harvey Weinstein blamed for genuine sexual violations, Glantz – a frank pundit of vaping – has been blamed for compelling his previous subordinate to embrace her, over and again gazing at her body, and showing “sexist and racially unfeeling conduct”.

Glantz’s informer, Eunice Neely, claims MY BAR Plus Lush Ice that she had to leave UCSF because of his activities and the failure or reluctance of the University to address them. She found employment elsewhere in 2017.

In late 2016, Neely asserts that Glantz portrayed a bash scene from a film while the pair were separated from everyone else in a faintly lit room. The complainant had never seen the film being referred to, however Glantz expected she had watched it since the entirety of the principle characters were dark.

She likewise guarantees that Glantz had told understudies that he could pull off anything. Having residency signified “you can assault the Vice Chancellor’s girl and still have some work”, Glantz is affirmed to have said.

The claim comes hot closely following rehashed reactions Glantz has looked for the nature of his work in tobacco control. His investigation of vaping, distributed in 2016, was generally panned by specialists for distorting proof.

Educator Robert West, of University College London, called the distribution of the investigation “a significant disappointment of the companion audit framework”, while Prof. Peter Hajek, of Queen Mary College, called it “terribly deceptive” and Anne McNeil, who co-composed the UK Government’s survey of vaping, called it “not logical”.